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The Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) , legendary organizer of the 24 Hours of Le Mans , is not only a leading player in technological innovation on the track, but also off it. Since 2021, The ACO has taken a bold step towards improving its human resources management by deploying Qoezion , a complete volunteer and staff management solution for the races held on the circuit in the region of Sarthe, France.

Technological innovation off the track

The 24 Hours of Le Mans has always been a showcase of technological innovation for the automotive industry, and the ACO has extended this innovative spirit to human resources management through the implementation of Qoezion. This is an example of how innovation goes beyond the track, and now includes the way the ACO manages its staff and volunteers. The solution saves time in human resources management, as testified by Pierrick Navarre, Spectator Experience Manager.

« I've been using Qoezion for 2 years. The tool is easy to use and very user-friendly. It saves me time in managing volunteers for the different events held on the 24 Hours circuit. It also enables several people to share information at any given moment. This simplifies communication and organization between different departments and people involved. Moreover, the whole Quick-Off team is incredibly efficient at listening, sharing, improving and quickly responding. I do recommend this tool. »

Pierrick Navarre

Spectator Experience Manager

Pooling and building on strengths

The ACO organizes several races each year, each one involving a large number of teams. Deploying Qoezion across all these events provides an integrated solution for coordinating the thousands of volunteers and staff who contribute to the success of each event. Essential features such as duplication and the creation of a growing community enable the ACO to maintain operational consistency while adapting to the specificities of each race.

réunion avec un chef de projet Quick-offcommissaires de piste

The road to operational excellence

Thanks to Qoezion, the ACO is making significant progress towards operational excellence, demonstrating that innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of its culture. The organization is ready to take on new challenges, while relying on the skills and commitment of its growing community of volunteers.

The ACO remains a world leader in motor sports, both on and off the track. The deployment of Qoezion demonstrates the ACO's commitment to the future, while preserving the traditions that have built its reputation.

A word from the Quick-Off project manager

« As project manager working with the ACO, the challenge was to organize and manage a large pool of volunteers engaged in 11 different departments, each one with its own specific needs. From volunteer recruitment to assignment and real-time tracking, the platform provided total visibility and smoother coordination. Transparent communication and simplified management created an environment where volunteers felt valued and well-informed, resulting in greater commitment and a positive experience. »

Arnaud Robin

Qoezion project manager

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