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Boost the success of your cultural or sporting events with Quick-Off, your key partner for optimal management of volunteer teams. Our experienced field team will take care of the operational coordination of your volunteers.

bénévoles championnat du monde de Ski

Your trusted partner for managing your volunteer teams.

As event organizers, you are well aware of the importance of an experienced team to effectively coordinate volunteers and guarantee the success of your projects. At Quick-Off, we are there to support you with our in-field expertise. We offer effective solutions to the challenges you have to face.

Experience and professionalism

Full control of management and budget issues

Conviviality guaranteed

Quick-Off engages your volunteer teams and keeps them motivated!

Our team takes care of designing an entertainment program in line with the DNA of your event. To ensure unforgettable volunteer experiences and create lasting bonds, we offer interactive and entertaining activities. We can also supply your volunteer break area with equipments such as table soccer, cornhole, etc. These moments of conviviality and entertainment contribute to the well-being and retention of your volunteer teams.

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Installation of the break area

Babyfoot entre équipiers

Research and activation of partnerships


Entertainment and group activities

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Championnats du monde Mountaine Bike 2022

Managing an event over several days

  • 300 volunteers
  • 12 days on-site presence
  • 2 Quick-Off event project managers were in charge of managing the volunteer program from the recruitment phase to the very end of the event.
  • Software solution used : Qoezion
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Chefs de projet Quick-Off

« With the support of the Quick-Off teams, volunteer management was carried out smoothly! We define detailed specifications, maintain a constant dialog and work together in close coordination. »

Bertrand Josué

Event manager of Les Gets

Bénévoles à Aluna Festival
aluna festival

Managing the staff and volunteers of a festival

  • 4 days of festival
  • 900 volunteers
  • 2 project managers deployed
  • Software solution used : Qoezion and Qomeet
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« Quick-Off and Aluna Festival have been working together for 3 years, and their software solutions have enabled us to completely rethink the coordination of our 900 volunteers and all our suppliers. Whether we need IT or human resources, Quick-Off meets our expectations! »

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Solène Sénéclauze

Production Manager of the Aluna festival

Championnats du monde de cyclisme sur piste 2022

Managing teams at an international event

  • 338 applications, 180 accepted
  • 5 days of competition
  • 2nd year of management by Quick-Off
  • 2 project managers deployed
  • Software solution used : Qoezion
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Bénévoles des Championnats du monde de cyclisme sur piste 2022

« All in all, we have saved time in recruitment, planning and training, and optimized our budget - an important factor for an organizer - while improving the quality of the volunteer program. »

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Aude Lefort

Track competition coordinator

Bénévoles des championnats du monde de Ski 2023
Championnats du monde de Ski 2023

Managing the volunteer program of a major international event

  • 3 weeks of competition
  • 1200 volunteers
  • 6 project managers deployed.
  • Software solution used : Qoezion
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« We have chosen Quick-Off for 2 main reasons: Their expertise in setting up volunteer programs for major events. The use of Qoezion, which makes life much easier for organizers. It makes sure that this aspect of the organization is under control, and we have full confidence in the team. »

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Perrine Pelen

General Manager of the Organizing Committee

FIA Motorsport Games 2022

Managing the volunteer program of an international event

  • 12 nationalities in the volunteer community
  • 5 days of competition
  • 2 Quick-Off project managers
  • Software solution used : Qoezion
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FIA Motorsport Games 2022

« Our expertise in the field enables us to quickly define the action plan and assess the needs of each organizer according to their specific requirements. From recruitment to post-event follow-up, we apply a structured process that allows us to build a loyal community. »

Fernanda Berthoix

Quick-Off Event Project Manager

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