Courchevel Meribel 2023

Volunteer management at the 2023 Alpine World Ski Championships in Courchevel and Meribel

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Managing the volunteer program of a major sports international event

The Alpine Ski Championships 2023 at Courchevel and Meribel involved a team of 1,700 dedicated volunteers, all working together to ensure the success of this major international event. As early as 2020, Quick-Off was asked by the organization to coordinate the management of the volunteer program, and our Qoezion software solution played a crucial role in this success.

Technical expertise: Qoezion developed by Quick-Off

Central to this success was Quick-Off's Qoezion solution, which delivered several key benefits:

Messaging system : Qoezion made communication fluid, whether individual, grouped, targeted or general, simplifying coordination between organizers and team members.

Document sharing : The platform made it easier to share essential documents for team management.

SMS : The ability to send SMS messages improved the team's responsiveness to urgent needs.

Qoezion's interoperability with Weezevent solutions : Real-time transmission of information, including allocated meals and authorized access areas, to the NFC wristband of each volunteer and staff member. This integration ensured a seamless and secure experience for all participants, enabling them to access meals and specified areas with ease.

« We have chosen Quick-Off for 2 main reasons: - Their expertise in setting up volunteer programs for major events. - The use of Qoezion, which makes life much easier for organizers. It makes sure that this aspect of the organization is under control, and we have full confidence in the team. »

Perrine Pelen

General Manager of the Organizing Committee

Building team spirit through entertainment activities

In addition to technical management, Quick-Off was also committed to creating a positive atmosphere and reinforcing team spirit through entertainment activities and equipments.

Lounge areas : Both team centers were carefully equipped with break areas. These areas provided a space for rest and social interaction during breaks between assignments, and helped to create a warm and welcoming experience.

Entertainment : To create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, Quick-Off has set up a range of entertainment equipment including table soccer, darts, cornhole, table tennis and much more. These activities helped the team members get to know each other and strengthen their bonds.

Team bingo : Quick-Off organized a memorable bingo to celebrate the first week of the championship, which was a real success.

Volunteer party : As a sincere thanks for their commitment, Quick-Off organized a special party dedicated to volunteers. The event was an opportunity to celebrate their valuable contribution.

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Babyfoot dans le centre volontairesSoirée bénévoles

By combining our hands-on expertise with our event software solutions , we played a key role in managing the volunteer teams at the 2023 Alpine Ski Championships, making a significant contribution to the event's success.

To find out more about our field expertise and event management softwares, do not hesitate to take a look at our support services or contact us .

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