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Quick-Off's expertise in volunteer management of the Track Cycling World Championships

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For the second year running, Arnaud and Hugo, our Quick-Off event project managers, were in charge of the volunteer program for the track cycling world championships. In 2021 in Roubaix, then in 2022 in Saint Quentin en Yvelines (both in France), our coordinators ensured a seamless management of the volunteer team, showcasing Quick-Off's expertise in coordinating teams for major international competitions.

The entire volunteer management process was streamlined by our software solution Qoezion, developed specifically to meet these challenges. Our technical expertise with Qoezion and the field experience of our teams all combined to ensure a harmonious approach to volunteer management, resulting in a successful event and an unforgettable experience for all participants.

« All in all, we have saved time in recruitment, planning and training, and optimized our budget - an important factor for an organizer - while improving the quality of the volunteer program. »

Aude Lefort

Track competition coordinator

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Optimize your event management from edition to edition with a high-performance software

Find out how the Qoezion software solution can help you save time and make the most of future editions:

- Duplicate your events in the blink of an eye : Choose the elements you want to keep, such as the application form, activities, shifts, required workforce and more.

- Develop and retain your community of volunteers : Build up a community from event to event, promoting engagement and ensuring a satisfying experience for participants.

- Make volunteer registration easier : Simplify volunteer registration from their very first participation by offering a fluid and intuitive experience.

That way, the organization of each new edition becomes more efficient and streamlined. The event duplication feature of Qoezion greatly simplified the organization of the second edition, clearly demonstrating its effectiveness. The possibility of engaging a community of volunteers who have already participated in the previous year, and who are familiar with the event and its missions, is also a strong advantage.

A word from the Quick-Off project manager

« The organization of this second edition was greatly simplified thanks to Qoezion's event duplication feature, which makes it a perfect example of its efficiency. Furthermore, we were able to activate the community that had already registered the year before, which is an excellent demonstration of the loyalty of volunteers from one year to the next, and their knowledge of the event's tasks. »

Hugo Fouet

Event coordinator

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