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The Ardèche Aluna Festival, more commonly known as Aluna Festival , was created in 2008 in Ruoms, in the region of Ardèche. Since its creation, this musical festival has been constantly growing to become one of the most recognized festivals in France.

Quick-Off has been Aluna Festival's trusted partner for three years, offering both its technical expertise through Qoezion and Qomeet software solutions, and its event know-how for on-site team management .

« Quick-Off and Aluna Festival have been working together for 3 years, and their software solutions have enabled us to completely rethink the coordination of our 1200 volunteers and 1500 suppliers. Whether we need IT or human resources, Quick-Off meets our expectations! »

Solène Sénéclauze

Production Manager of the Aluna festival

Qomeet: Simplified management of guest and supplier accreditations

Qomeet enabled Aluna Festival to set up an innovative supplier management system . Learn how our solution was used to optimize their event:

Online registrations
A dedicated portal has been created to enable all accredited parties, whether suppliers, artists or staff, to register online. This portal has made the registration process simpler and faster.

Real-time information flow
Qomeet enabled Aluna Festival to transfer in real time information relating to each accredited person to Weezevent , an access control solution. This integration was essential for the production of customized NFC (Near Field Communication) wristbands. These wristbands acted as access keys, cashless wallets and means of payment for meals, greatly simplifying transactions on the festival.

Accurate estimate of needs and easier budget management
Thanks to the data collected by Qomeet, Aluna Festival was able to obtain an accurate estimate of its catering, accommodation, cashless and parking needs. This information has allowed the organization to better plan and anticipate general stock provisioning, and to optimize budget management.

Personal roadbook
Each participant receives a summary of their requests and services for themselves and/or their teams via the Qomeet webapp accreditation portal. This roadbook contains essential information for the presence of each participant at the event. Thanks to this feature, every organization can keep its teams well informed.

Results achieved
Thanks to Qomeet, Aluna Festival has improved its participant management and the overall event experience . Participants appreciated the simple registration process , the advantages of NFC wristbands, and the access to important information via their personalized roadbook. In addition, the organization was able to save time and resources thanks to the accurate management of catering, cashless and parking needs . Finally, Aluna Festival was able to offer an unforgettable experience to its participants, while optimizing its internal operations.

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