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The French Cycling Federation (FFC) faces a major challenge: efficiently coordinating thousands of volunteers spread across its many national and international events in a variety of cycling disciplines. To meet this goal, the FFC has chosen to implement the Qoezion software solution, developed by Quick-Off, which has enabled it to address this challenge in two strategic areas.

Identifying and building a dynamic volunteer community

The FFC was looking to identify, structure and develop a community of volunteers to ensure the success of its many cycling events. Taking a step-by-step approach, the FFC has used Qoezion to identify volunteers involved in different events, building a dynamic community that grows as new events are organized.

Optimal volunteer management and simplified duplication

The diversity of the FFC's disciplines and the scope of its events call for optimized volunteer management. Qoezion has enabled the federation to centralize information from all its volunteers , plan everyone's activities and maintain consistency in coordination. Moreover, Qoezion's event duplication feature has greatly simplified volunteer management from one edition to the next, since key elements such as application forms, activities, shifts and workforce requirements are simply replicated from one event to the next.

« With Qoezion, we unite our community of volunteers and mobilize them for our international, national and regional events. »

Nicolas André

Event director

This approach has resulted in several strategic advantages for the FFC:

- Global overview : The FFC now has a 360-degree view of its volunteer community involved in all events, making it easier to identify volunteers with specific skills for each event.

- Visibility for volunteers : Volunteers have a global view of the events for which the FFC is recruiting, so they can join the FFC community and be notified of upcoming events.

- Optimization and consistency : Centralized volunteer management allows the FFC to plan each volunteer's activities efficiently, avoiding overlaps and ensuring consistency.

- Volunteer retention : Volunteer involvement is also encouraged as it is easy for them to participate, thanks to their Qoezion account. They have access to a dedicated tool for communicating with organizers and receiving essential information from the federation, which helps to strengthen their commitment from one event to the next.

Thanks to Qoezion, the French Cycling Federation has been able to optimize the management of its volunteer community and the coordination of its events, thereby strengthening the success and quality of its national and international cycling competitions.

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