Le Grand Bornand

Engage a community of volunteers across multiple events

Le village de Morzine enneigé




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Le Grand Bornand , a destination proudly chosen to host the Biathlon World Cup , stages of the Tour de France and the Festival Au bonheur des mômes . With the help of our software solution, Qoezion , the local authorities have succeeded in optimizing the management of their 2,800 volunteers involved in the town's 14 events.

« We've been using Qoezion since 2019. The features implemented and the continuous improvements are fantastic. The whole of our volunteer community now uses the solution. Not only can we easily communicate with them, but we also reinforce their sense of belonging. And a special mention for the highly responsive support team! »

Laurence Rey

Volunteer network coordinator

Federate and engage volunteers in different events

With Qoezion, Le Grand Bornand simplifies the engagement of their volunteers throughout the year. The local authorities can count on a committed and responsive community of volunteers to take part in their many events , thanks to a stronger sense of belonging and easier communication.

Communicating effectively with volunteers

Qoezion offers a powerful means of communication, enabling targeted information to be passed on to the volunteers concerned , without overloading those not directly affected by the changes. This approach guarantees efficient communication, adapted to each situation.

Acknowledging volunteers' commitment

Providing volunteers with a professional tool is an effective way of recognizing their contribution to the organization. It reinforces their sense of belonging , motivating them to get more involved in the organization’s events.

Animation lors d'un événement au Grand BornandBénévoles du festival au bohneur des mômes

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