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Centralizing registrations and standardizing services for accredited participants

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Since its creation in 2006, the Festival les Ardentes has attracted many urban music fans to Liege (Belgium).

Featuring performances by a wide range of national and international artists and a unique atmosphere, Les Ardentes has rapidly become a not-to-be-missed event on the European festival calendar.

With its ever-growing reputation, the festival has faced a major challenge: managing thousands of volunteers and accredited participants (staff, technicians, artists, exhibitors) to ensure the success of each edition.

After deploying Qoezion to recruit and coordinate some 3,000 volunteers, the organizers turned to Qomeet to manage nearly 10,000 accredited participants and their specific needs.

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Centralized management of accreditation requests

« With Qomeet, we are now able to centralize and standardize accreditation requests, as well as catering, parking and accommodation needs, so that we can offer services tailored to our accredited participants' expectations, while respecting our budgetary constraints. »

Julien de Marchin

Event manager

Budget control

The solution provides organizers with a complete overview of each participant's service requirements , including the management of meals , accommodation , cashless credits and access zones according to individual needs. This ensures that Ardentes keeps its budget under control and its processes on track.

Concrete results:

Qomeet allowed Les Ardentes to simplify registration management , with a dedicated portal that made the task easier for both organizers and participants.

Qomeet's interoperability with Weezevent 's solutions enabled real-time transmission of accreditation information to each participant's NFC wristband, providing a seamless and secure experience.

The deployment of Qomeet has revolutionized the logistics management of Les Ardentes , putting the event at the forefront of innovation while providing an optimal experience for its thousands of volunteers and accredited participants . Thanks to this successful collaboration with Quick-Off, Les Ardentes continues to grow as an internationally renowned urban festival, offering its audiences unforgettable moments year after year.

A word from the Quick-Off project manager

« Working closely with Les Ardentes, we are proud to have developed Qomeet, an intuitive solution tailored to the needs of the festival's 9400 accredited participants. We warmly thank Les Ardentes for their continued trust. »

Hugo Fouet

Qomeet project manager

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