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Musilac is a music festival held in Aix-les-Bains in the Savoie region of France. The festival chose Qomeet to improve its accreditation management and Qoezion to manage and develop its volunteer community .

The challenges faced by Musilac were considerable: managing accreditation requests for over 1,000 participants representing 94 different structures, while guaranteeing fluid access to meals, transport, accommodation and parking areas, and keeping costs under control.

Centralize communication, plan and estimate needs from a single tool

With Qomeet , Musilac managed to centralize and standardize accreditation requests , providing a complete overview of the logistics needs of each participant. The benefits are significant: simplified registration management via a dedicated portal , interoperability for real-time transmission of accreditation information to participants' NFC wristbands , and budget control .

Qoezion enabled smooth, optimized volunteer management, with the ability to plan tasks , assign schedules and monitor team availability in real time . In addition, Qoezion makes it possible to centralize all communication and planning , eliminating the need to switch back and forth between e-mails, Excel files and other messaging systems.

« In 2023, we made a late start with Qomeet. Nevertheless, the results of this first year are quite convincing, with 1259 accredited participants registered under 94 different structures. All of them have fully adopted the new tool. On our side, we are aware that time constraints prevented us from making full use of all the features. The potential is interesting, and we are convinced that we can go even further, particularly in terms of simplifying access control, reducing waste and, more generally, managing our expenses more effectively. »

Xavier Réchain

Administrator of Musilac

Quick and successful implementation of the software solutions

Quick-Off and Musilac successfully addressed a major challenge: getting our solutions, Qomeet and Qoezion, up and running quickly and efficiently, just a few weeks before the start of the event. This was made possible by effective support , hands-on training provided by our event project managers, and access to the online help center .

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