Information map

Information at your fingertips!

The information map allows you to manage the mapping data of your event and share it with your teams.

Create your points of interest.

Specify on your map the location of all the places that can be useful for your teams: information point, medical station, volunteer center, road crossings, catering area...

Import your tracks.

Import your tracks to share with your teammates the different routes of your sporting events (running, cycling...), parades (carnival, street performances), people flows...

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Link your activities to your points of interest.

By linking an activity to a point of interest, you attach the activity's GPS location to that point. Team members can consult the location of the activities they are assigned to in their personal space.

Guide your teams.

Once your assignments are published and the information map is available to your teams, team members will have access to their activities and related points of interest. They can then get the directions to their activities directly on their smartphones.

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Volunteer coordinator of the Volvic Volcanic eXperience

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