Operational management

Ready, set, go!

Qoezion gives you all the tools you need to welcome your teams, provide them with the necessary materials and meals, while ensuring that your budget is under control.

Optimize your catering.

Manage your catering budget accurately by consulting real-time precise estimates of the number of meals, that take into account different places, different meal options, and the eligibility rules specific to your event. So you can order just the right number of meals!

Don’t waste anymore.

Jackets, t-shirts, promotional gifts but also the materials needed to perform the activities: Qoezion helps you to estimate the right quantities, the breakdown and the cost of the items distributed to your teams.

Improve efficiency.

With your smartphone, scan the QR code of your team members to quickly identify and welcome them, make the distribution of supplies and meals more fluid and secure, and monitor attendance.

Work together smoothly.

Manage access rights, operation limits and authorizations for each user: administrators, team leaders, coordinators...

« This tool streamlines our working methods and makes it easier to recruit volunteers for our events. Qoezion also allows us to centralize all information. »

Manon Tanguy

Events and partnerships assistant at the French Canoe-Kayak Federation

It’s your turn, join the many events that already rely on Qoezion!