Coordinating volunteer management across several UTMB World Series events

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In 2021, the UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc) has undertaken a bold initiative by creating the UTMB World Series, an international circuit of trail running races . To meet the specific needs of each race while maintaining overall consistency, the UTMB faced complex logistical challenges , particularly in terms of volunteer management . The solution to these challenges came from Quick-Off with its software Qoezion .

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A platform tailored to the specific needs of each race

What makes Qoezion unique is its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each UTMB World Series organization. Each race, with its unique history and culture, can use the platform according to its needs, while maintaining the global coherence desired by the UTMB World Series.

Key features in a single tool

Qoezion also stands out for its cross-functional approach, bringing together all the key features for volunteer management in a single tool. From recruitment to planning , communication and logistics management (catering, equipment, accommodation, etc.), Qoezion makes life easier for organizers of complex events like the UTMB.

« At UTMB World Series level, we were looking to standardize our volunteer management and make it more professional. It is essential for us to make life easier for our local organizers, while ensuring a similar volunteer experience for each event. With Qoezion, we can now work in this direction. »

Benoît Roux

Volunteer program manager

Concrete results:

- Qoezion's flexibility allows each race to manage its volunteers in accordance with its own organizational specificities.

- The integrated key features streamline the entire process , preventing the use of multiple tools and simplifying life for organizers, volunteers and participants.

By choosing Qoezion, UTMB has succeeded in standardizing its management of volunteers in the various UTMB World Series races. They have become leading references for their exceptional races and the enthusiasm of their participants, but also in terms of organization, particularly when it comes to volunteer management and related services.

And now, why don't you join them?